Who we are

EUREA is an independent organization of people who wish to contribute to the publicity of the European Union and the EU development programs in the regions of Slovakia and of the neighboring countries. Our ambition is to develop region of Bratislava, Podunajsko and Záhorie, all this in cooperation with region of Vienna, Wiener Umland Nordburgenland, Wienviertel and Sopron-Győr region. The aim of the organization is to increase quality of submitted project proposals, hence to help the applicants to be successful when applying for the grants provided by the European Union and national governments. Moreover, the aspiration of EUREA is to improve the citizens´ perception of the European Union. To reach these goals EUREA organizes conferences, seminars, courses, moreover, prepares surveys and assists the clients in solving the individual problems.

In accordance with our bylaws, EUREA support also development of science and scholarship. We help by preparation and implementation of scientific and scholar projects. We organize seminars, courses and conferences for grandaunts and young scientists. They can gain there many skills and practice necessary for their successful project leading.

Since 2005, we are focusing more on monitoring of manipulating with communal resources. We concentrate on mechanism of affecting funds for European projects, their consecutive utilizing and disclosure of project ascensions. We are monitoring communal acquisition of European fund recipients. The main focus is on the subliminal projects. In these areas we offer counseling and support to other non-governmental organizations

EUREA was established in 2003 and its establishing members were:

  • Mgr. Gabriela Gregušová, PhD.
  • RNDr. Martin Plesch, PhD.
  • Ing. Matúš Straka, PhD.

Currently the members of the board of directors are:

  • RNDr. Martin Plesch, PhD.
  • Mgr. Gabriela Pleschová, PhD.
  • Mgr. Renáta Dornhoferová

and the controller of the organization is:

  • Ing. Matúš Straka, PhD.
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