Regional Development

EUREA offers preparation of projects and grant applications, which are financed by the EU bodies or Slovak state organizations. We also offer take-over of the complete administration of the project or of its parts with respect to the respective grant agreement (interim and final reports, tenders, control of the accounting and others).

We respond to specific demands of our clients, such as:

  • the realization of scientific and educational projects
  • projects of cultural cooperation
  • development of traffic and civil infrastructure in the region
  • development of tourism in the area
  • employment, development of entrepreneurial activities

We provide:

  • counseling as to where and how it is possible to get the finances for specific project ideas
  • preparation of the project within the given grant call announced by Slovak authorities or by the European Union
  • administration of the project: project management, preparation of interim reports, final report, communication with the authorities, accounting
  • assistance with the administration and accounting for grant projects for non-profit organizations

We can prepare the projects in Slovak as well as in English language, and when needed we provide for the translation to another language or other languages (in case of cooperation with foreign partners).

Our clients are:

  • local and regional governments
  • associations of legal entities
  • professional associations
  • trade chambers
  • non-governmental organizations
  • universities
  • schools and educational institutions
  • research, scientific and technical institutions
  • usiness innovation centers
  • private enterprises

The advantages of our association:

  • preparation and implementation of the project of high quality
  • flexibility
  • possibility to provide other partners
  • individual approach
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