Transparency and law abiding

One of our goals is to promote transparency and adherence to law in the process of grants allocating and managing. From a long-term perspective we strive for adoption of legal framework which would comprehensively regulate the whole issue. Since at present no such law exists, we try to make use of at least the small number of rights that are guaranteed to the applicants by the existing norms.

One of the most important instruments is the Freedom of Information Act. Using this act we are trying to gain information on the evaluation of the projects and their implementation and so make pressure on fair and correct procedures. In the case of evidently unlawful procedures we propose to bring the case forward the court.

On our website there will gradually be put some instructions on how to proceed in the situations connected with applying for the grant and managing the projects, as for example:

  • How to obtain evaluation sheets
  • How to defend oneself in the case of unjustified exclusion from the evaluation process
  • What to do if the project that was submitted is not evaluated in the long-run
  • The possibilities of judicial protection when the payments are late or when the payments are reduced without no valid reason.

The advice on how to act in particular situations will be offered via e-mail on or on the appointment previously arranged.

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