Project Evaluating Sheets

Advertising of evaluative sheets connected to grant applications for implementation agencies can be very helpful for applicants. They can see their week spots and mistakes in their own projects. That is the best chance to improve some future projects. On the other hand contribute by making innovations and inhibit of loosing applicant’s interest in cases where are projects canceled without clear reasoning. These sheets provide also the possibility of consistent control of following the rules by project’s evaluating, attempt reveals, influence and changes in evaluating.

Even this reality sometimes it is not possible neither for project applicant to gain the copy of evaluating. As a good example can be nowadays Ministry of building and urban planning, which disclose entire information about project evaluating for request. On the other hand Government office SR discloses required information late based on corrective appliance and with delay.

In general we can allege that for the last period applicants have better accesses to all information and documentation. In comparison in 2004 one need to win long lasting cause to acquire the register of applicants for grant.

In interest of making this progress better and generating constant force for evaluating processes respecting, we recommend all applicants to require contract organ for evaluating sheets.

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