Scientific and Educational Projects

Implementation: March 2006 – December 2007

The project was aimed at supporting young and talented high school students who are interested in physics. By organizing regularly the competition The Young Physicist Tournament we follow several goals. Primarily, the knowledge and abilities of the students improve, which contributes to lower unemployment rate. Students learn to work with information technologies, prepare their own presentations and participate in technical discussions. Last but not least, since at the international meetings of young physicists the resolutions are presented in English, the language and communication skills of the students improve.

The concerns directly approximately 80 high schol students from all over Slovakia, 15 pedagogues and 20 high schol teachers, who this way get the possibility to establish contacts and cooperation among the schools in their regions. Motivating the students to the interest in science will generally support the development of educatedness and will prepare the top students, scientists and pedagogues even before they go to the university.

Up-to-date information about the project is to be found on the official website of The Young Physicist Tournament.

The project was implemented in cooperation with the Slovak PhD Students´ Association (ADS).

Its aim was the realization of three attending trainings, each lasting four days, where the so-called „Soft skills“ were being taught and practised. These are the skills that are not directly related to the technical knowledge, however, they enhance the effectiveness and the value of work.

The target group of the trainings were young scientific workers (PhD students or scientific workers with PhD degree younger than 35).

Implementation of the project: 27.10.2006 – 31.10.2007

The organized trainings:

  • 14.12.2006 – 17.12.2006:   Budmerice
  • 13.6.2007 – 16.6.2007:   Modrová
  • 9.10.2007 -12.10.2007   Budmerice

Within the trainings there were given lectures on the following topics:

  • System of supporting science and education at level of the EU
  • System of supporting science and education at level of the Slovak Republic.
  • Subvention schemes of private sector, foundations and non-governmental organizations in Slovakia
  • Basic attributes of a quality project
  • Preparation of budget
  • Writing CVs and covering letters
  • Preparation of SWOT analyses
  • Project English
  • How to present
  • Cooperation with Managing Authority and with partners
  • Preparation of the project interim and final reports
  • Financial management of the projects
  • Specific examples of well-written projects in the Slovak Republic

The lectures were delivered by the professionals experienced in project management who are the employees and co-workers of EUREA or the Slovak PhD Students´ Association. Some lectures were provided by the external specialists.

Another part of the training consisted in writing a project proposal of 1 page by each participant. This proposal was consequently discussed with the trainers and other participants in order to help the author find strong and weak sides of his project and prepare the final version. Each participant was given a verbal evaluation of the prepared project.

In the end the participants evaluated the training by filling in a questionnaire. This was a form of feedback as to finding out what are the contributions of the trainings or proposals how to improve the trainings in the future and also where the participants are planning to use the achieved knowledge.

This project was being implemented by our partner association Quniverse and it finished on July 31st 2007. Its goals were:

  • To integrate Slovak scientific institutions into European network
  • To create an ordered scale of physical groups in Slovakia
  • Trainings of PhD students and young scientists in soft skills

EUREA took part especially in the third priority by organizing and realization of medium-term and long-term trainings.

Implementation: January 2006 – March 2008

The main content of the project lies in the teaching of seminar Management of EU Programs and Project on the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at Comenius University in Bratislava. The seminar contributes to the increase in competence of people in the field of preparation and management of projects, in particular of the students of FSES UK.

The seminar is designated for the students interested in project management, i.e. in the preparation of application for the funds from structural funds and other sources. The goal of this project is to improve competence of university students in preparing and managing the projects financed by the EU. The seminar contains theoretical as well as practical training, when students prepare and submit the grant applications for their own projects. The project also includes the practice of the selected students in the civil association EUREA which prepares and manages the projects. This way the students can gain some experience in this field, what in fact reults in the growing competitiveness of the region through the development of human resources, which is stated to be the global goal of the programming document.

Important output of the project is also the publication of study material to the course Management of EU Projects, which was created by collecting the lectures of the instructors on the seminars.

More information about the implementation of the project is to found on the website

In September 2007 new semester has begun. Within the project „The seminar Management of EU Programs and Projects“ the students of Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences have the last chance to attend this interesting course, which is again being taught in English. Those who are interested can find up-to-date information on the website in the part “Teaching”, “Management of EU Programs and Projects”.

In this project EUREA cooperated with Slovak agency for investments and business development (SARIO). As partners they organized a professional lecture in the SARIO place. The name of the lecture was “How to export to China and how to run a business in China”. On the lecture were three representatives from Slovak firms that have experiences with exporting to China and running business there. 14 businessmen have singed in and all of them had very good responses.

We are planning to repeat something like this with similar topics. In cooperation with SARIO we are organizing another professional lecture specialized on “Tax area in China and problem with giving fabrication to China”.


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